Tuesday, February 21, 2017


At a certain age one should be beyond tests. Depending on the country there's a time when SATs, A or O levels, Bac etc. should be t part of a stressed memory.

Now Facebook comes along with all kinds of tests. Some say they are just to get information for advertising.

However, I can't pass up a challenge when I see words like, "90% of the people can't get half right," go unanswered.

I do know all the grammar questions, and the US history questions.

Country capitals? A snap. And so forth.

I feel smart although I deliberately avoid any FB tests that include math. Why humiliate myself?

Then there are the personality tests. The one I took yesterday proved I was 100% OCD, something my husband and daughter would agree with, but then my husband took it and he was 100% OCD too and he is the least OCD person I know. We decided that we were just observant.

I was a serious student who wanted to see an A or A+. Even a medical exam I want to pass to pass as much as to prove I'm healthy.

At least with FB tests, I don't have to get my parents to sign the report.

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