Sunday, February 26, 2017

My poor husband

Ever notice when one thing goes wrong, it starts a chain reaction.

No, our car didn't fall into our pool because we don't have a pool, but if we did, I'm sure our car would be there.

My poor husband was trying to finished up a newsletter for our business. It is a new project and the hyperlinks did not want to stay linked and were hyperly disappearing.

He was also trying to write but the word processing kept defaulting to another type from China. He finally located it and it has now gone to software heaven.

Then the TV set stopped working. Last night we watched Lion in Winter on a DVD instead, no tragedy.

A phone call to SFR found a service man who spoke some English. I used French, he responded in English and bless his heart, he spoke slowly. Most technicians go from 10 words a minute to 160.
I have enough trouble in techie English, but he was able to help and will send us a new something or other. I am not sure his French wouldn't have better than his English, but he tried and was so patient.

The TV worked EXCEPT we had to hand press for channel changes. OK our news stations start at 260 which is what we wanted. Lovely. Click, click, click, click, click 260 times.

We settled in to watch. The TV flipped back to Channel 2. Click, click, click 260 times again. The set obviously didn't like Trump news and went back to Channel 2. We decided to watch Super Nanny which the TV must have approved of because it stayed on the station.

Rick was going to make pizza but discovered for once in our married life there was no tomato sauce. When we were in Geneva we went to the American store and had bought some Campbell's Tomato soup for nostalgia reasons.

He turned out a pretty good pizza with a little imagination.

One thing did go all right...the village carnival. We donned wigs and joined the crowd for the parade. Considering how the rest of the day had gone it was a wonder we didn't get trampled by a marching band.
For those that believe in astrology hope the stars are in a better alignment tomorrow.

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