Friday, February 10, 2017

MRI noises

As part of my regular physicals I was given an IRM or MRI depending on whether you speak French or English.

No problem. Th technician was sweet and relieved she could explain things to me in French.

No problem either to not budge.

"Une sieste," I joked.

"Bonne nuit," she said.

I should have noticed her lots-of-luck smile.

I closed my eyes.

Pop pop pop pop
gra gra gra grala

Those two sounds were repeated with various numbers of pops matched with the same number of gras always with  la at the end..

Then silence

An amplified guitar string sounded with a background of
hokey hokey hokey.

I have no idea how long it went on.


Tap tap tap
grach grach grach 

Again the numbers of taps varied to six with matching grach sounds. Later they melded.


Ompah,ompah, ompah, Ompah,ompah,
 ompah, Ompah,ompah, ompah, 
Ompah,ompah, ompah

I imagined tuba players


Hoover, hoover, hoover, Hoover, hoover, hoover, Hoover, 
hoover, hoover, Hoover, hoover, hoover

This went on for what seemed like hours as I imagined clean carpets created by women in dresses and an apron pushing a Hoover Leave it to Beaver Style.


The technician came in to release me. She didn't ask how I slept.

I have a clean, complete brain.

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