Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Every now and then a lesson on life hits you in the face.

For years when we drove by the statue in the photo, I thought I wanted to take a photo, but the lights would change and we needed to be someplace soon.

Today we found ourselves on foot one block away. We had time before we were to meet friends, so we headed for the statue.

I took the photo I'd been waiting too long for. Then I walked to the other side and found something surprising.
The sculpture was more than graceful swirls. There was a woman's face.

As we walked away, we saw a connection to the divisiveness of today's world. People will scream and scream on a certain point, and they may be right for as much as they see.

After all, I saw a sculpture with swirls that attracted me. If someone had asked I would have said, "There's an interesting round sculpture." Had I taken the photo from the car, I would never have seen the other aspect.

But how many people will look at the entire statue? The other parts of the issue?

It doesn't matter if it is Trump, Russia, Brexit, abortion, refugees. The cliché "there's more to it than meets the eye" holds true.

When I get locked into a point of view I hope I have the good sense to look beyond my beliefs to see what I missed, because there's always something more.

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