Monday, August 01, 2016


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I admit I love Facebook because I've:
  • Found old friends
  • Made acquaintances with new people
  • Learned of things I might not have run across
  • Been amused when say a high school friend becomes friends with some I've friended thru a friend I met on Facebook or know from another country
  • Kept up on nice events for people I know
  • Learned about problems with friends where I can offer help or at least show someone cares
  • Been amused at postings
It's probably me, but I can't figure out how I did it. I turned on my iPad to Facebook and not only was it in a strange language, it took research to discover it was in Turkish. I stayed calm. Changing it back to English required putting it next to my laptop to figure out what was being said. It worked. I didn't need to learn Turkish.

Then last week, Facebook switched to French. That was okay. I'm 95% bilingual.

Yesterday, after returning home to Geneva after a month in Southern France, the iPad Facebook went from French to Pirate English. It was kinda fun casting a bottle instead of making contact and my friends were referred to as scallywags, which in a few cases was realistic.

But shiver me timbers, I decided to go back to regular old English.

Meanwhile I will continue posting things like:
  • My photos
  • Political thoughts
  • Blogs
  • Funny stuff
  • Literary stuff
  • Arty stuff
  • Music
  • Messages to friends from FB or real life 
  • Whatever hits my fancy
  • Responses in private or for the world to see
I do not understand why this language happens. Maybe or likely I hit something by accident, but there is a certain sense of fun. Or maybe there's a gremlin in my iPad!
  • Ne l'est pas? 
  • Es est nicht?
  • öyle değil mi'
  • Nije le?
  • No es que?

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