Saturday, September 05, 2015

FATCA update

The case brought by six American expats and Rand Paul under the auspices of the Republicans challenging the FATCA was seen in Dayton District Court. 4th. The judge will have a ruling by Sept. 30.

I am proud to be one of plaintiffs, and the only woman in this procedure.

As an ex-American because of FATCA I am still angry, although I know anger is not a good emotion and action may, I hope, temper it. Because I'm newly married to an American I am still affected by the law because all my financial information will be transferred to the IRS, which still has the right to take huge parts of our money for misfiling or not knowing that yet another form must be filed.

I have still had run-ins with my bank for sending $300 to the States, but I was able to defend this tiny decision and keep my account. I don't blame the bank. Its fines would be so huge for hiding my (and others) puny accounts that like me, they want to protect itself from the US.

Homeland US citizens do not have to jump thru a fraction of the hoops that expats do.

I can only hope that the court issues an injunction.

It is a terrible thing to be terrified that your government can destroy your financial life when you've done nothing wrong.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

I am excited to see the outcome with this. It will be ruled on my birthday!

DL NELSON said...

Hope it brings us luck. Of course whatever there will be an appeal, but the government attacks on Americans abroad has to stop.