Sunday, September 13, 2015

Politican chit chat

2017 Imaginary conversations

Conversation 1

Scene: A café in Argelès-sur-mer. Jean, the postman and Odile, the postmistress are having a coffee in a café. In the 2004 election Jean had hugged me when he delivered my ballot and learned I would be voting against Bush and Odile said she would drop my ballot the trash if I'd voted for Bush. He was not liked and considered incompetent by almost every European I know.

Jean: What do you think of President Trump?

Odile: Makes me long for Bush.

Conversation 2

Scene: Is is the G8 meeting. Angela Merkel is talking to someone
and President Trump slaps her on the back.

"How is it hanging, baby?" he turns to his aide. Can't see how she gets elected with that face."

Merkel to Holland in French: Can't we fire him?

Putin in Russian: After this meeting, have everyone come to my room and we'll figure out how to deal with the crisis called Trump.

Conversation 3

Scene: It is the day after Bernie Sander's inauguration. He is in the
oval office along with two of the oligarchs.

Oligarch 1: Bernie, we'll say the same thing to you as we did to Obama. You will do as we say.

Bernie: I won't do a bait in switch like Obama. 

Oligarch 2: You're an old man. An untimely death is possible. And then there's your family.

Bernie: Smile. You're on candid camera...this is being televised around the world.


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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Ha! Well, I did not vote for Bush and as much as I have been entertained by Trump....I will not vote for him either. I also have lost respect for H. Clinton! And I had my picture taken with her back when it was a G7!