Sunday, September 06, 2015

National Beard Day

According to Al Jazeera, today is National Beard Day, but I didn't see where. It is always national beard day chez nous, because my handsome husband sports one.

When I first met him decades ago he was clean-shaven but life has transformed his corporate uniform hairs into one that better fits a writer/journalist image.

My late anthropologist friend said "clothing is cultural coding." I am sure she would say the same about beards. Wish she was here to ask.

Beards are funny things. I suppose, it means less time shaving each morning. As a secondary sex characteristic it can, in some cultures, denote virility, although there is nor correlation between sperm count and number of hairs on one's face. Others consider it a religious symbol. There are those that like them long and shaggy or well-trimmed into shapes.

As for me. I just like looking at my husband on National Rick Day which is everyday chez moi.

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