Wednesday, September 02, 2015

What a week

This is NOT a normal week.


Hugged my beloved daughter farewell after two wonderful weeks. She is returning to the US and a new dream job. Although she is not in hugging distance, we still have Skype and cups of tea and coffee for chats.

Hugged my favorite mamie and left her the flowers that will still in bloom.

Loaded the car and said farewell to people on the street for the eight hour trip from my beloved Argelès to my beloved Genève. It is always harder when I don't know the date of return on either end.

On the route up we stopped in Avignon for lunch and quick look-see. Rick has wanted to do this each trip and we know it is worth a couple of nights and days of exploration when things are normal again.


First day of chemo. I'll report those adventures on http:/ as soon as I finish this one. Picked up stuff from one place to another. Came home, watched a Gary Grant-Audrey Hepburn movie and the new series Grace and Frankie.


Joy... no alarm clocks and a leisurely morning. Have an afternoon appointment to have my boob drained. I know it is painless. Hope to hit the library to change an individual membership to family. The library is a wonderful resource, especially for compulsive readers.


Nothing, nothing, nothing.


The judge in Dayton rules on the FATCA injunction. I'm one of seven plaintiffs suing the IRS to stop FATCA, the IRS rules that makes it impossible for 8.7Americans overseas to have a normal financial life. We are NOT talking fatcats. We are talking normal (there's that word again) middle class people.

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