Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wonderful ratings

I may seem Polyannaish to some and once or twice even to myself. I do find myself saying to Rick or J almost every day, "Wasn't it wonderful?"

That includes the time I lacked energy after a chemo...but it was a wonderful day. The blueberries were tasty, Lucky the cat visited, Rick and I cuddled as we watched Grace and Frankie on the laptop.

Of course being able to take a walk thru the woods or by the lake is wonderful with so many bits of beauty, finding more shadow photos, being able to watch a good DVD with  J and/or Rick, hearing from friends via Skype, Facebook, email,  discovering a wonderful written passage in a book, nailing something with my writing...the list goes on.

But the word wonderful applies to little things, big things, group of things.

Maybe we need to number it to show the difference, kinda like software releases like

Wonderful 2.0
Wonderful 3.0
Wonderful 3.5


But no matter what version of wonderful, how could a day that has such beauty and shared with people I love not be wonderful?????

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