Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wonderful world

Geneva held a street food fair in the old town and what a day for it, just that perfect early fall feel in the air.

People mingled between stands, sat on the benches to eat what they bought. Every type of food was there. 

I chose an oriental meal, Rick went for a bagel with chicken curry and brought back a piece of carrot cake (salad) which allowed us to photograph the animals.

We ambled back to the bus stop, stopping to take photos along the way.

I've been dying for a chai latte and we bought one and a mocca for him. I was about to run with them for the E bus that was waiting, but he said, "Sit, let's enjoy the moment."

And he was right. When we finished there was a G bus that drops us out in the village and that means about a ten-minute walk down the hill facing the lake and the Jura. The left side is a vineyard.

Today it was different. In one of the fields they were setting up tables for tomorrows soap box derby and they were testing the sound system. Dave Brubeck's take "Take Five" was playing and so was Louis Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful World."

He took me in his arms and we danced. Louie was so right, it is a wonderful world. 

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