Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mouse safari II


"We have a mouse!" Rick said.

I looked up from Frank Underwood manipulating his way through another session of House of Cards to see a very small gray thing scuttle under the desk.

"What do you want me to do?" He must have been thinking of the 40 snails I wanted to save when they turned out to be alive not merely the decorative shells I thought I'd bought.

I suggested the towel-over-the-mouse trick that worked so well when my daughter's cat Pumpkin brought us live mice. We would capture them and put them outside.

The mouse did not want to be caught despite Rick's poking and prodding.

I admitted defeat and we let the cats in.

Babette walked thru the living out the winter garden door with nary a glance. Clea sat in the middle of the living room and ignored everyone and everything.

We decided to continue watching TV hoping Clea would realize that she had a mission. 

She did -- and started watching under the desk moving from one side to another. But she grew bored and resumed he nonchalance relaxation position.

Frank Underwood continued doing nasty stuff.

When Clea decided the couch was more interesting than any mouse, Rick went back to his trying to unseat the mouse using the kitchen broom.

Babette came back in and showed less interest than her sister. 

Maybe the cats have a no-Saturday mousing work in their contract.

We gave up, leaving the cats in the living room with the mouse, went upstairs to bed hoping to find mouse remains in the morning.

Next day nothing. We are not sure what happened.

Rick has a duelling blog at

*Mouse Safari I was years ago when it was Munchkin, J and I. We turned over every piece of furniture in the living room except for the desk and armoire before giving in. I hope J has forgiven me at this point for the hunt and will forgive us for not riding the residence of the creature. We may be on cat duty, but the cats obviously aren't on mouse duty.



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