Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bright kids

The kids were nervous as they entered this hall.We were about 30 anglophones, mostly wrinklies, there to help the older kids practice their presentations for their oral part in English for their Bac, the test all French students must pass to be considered the equivalent of a high school graduate.

Many had been studying English for many years and were quite accomplished.

There was also the next group, younger, who were there merely to speak English and because they were rotated every fifteen minutes to give them a chance to deal with a variety of accents.

What fun!

What renewal in hope for the next generation.

Some had firm plans for the future, scientist, obstetrician while others, were uncertain. They did want to travel including places like Australia, US, Japan, Thailand and Korea. One girl had even started to learn Korean.

A pretty, no make that beautiful young girl, said she didn't have a boyfriend and somehow felt it was her fault. I shared with her how many years out of high school. some of my fellow students at the time wanted to ask me out but were afraid of rejection. I told her I bet that was true in her case. She seemed skeptical, but laughed with the line, "Believe an old lady."

I found a Third Culture Kid, French and German who felt French when she was in Germany and German when she was in France. Another hated math and loved history, languages and literature.

Rick has a dueling blog.

Besides the pleasure of working with the kids, Rick had another reward. He found a golf group to play with regularly.

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