Sunday, May 01, 2016

Forbes wrong about me

"You're in Forbes," my husband called into the kitchen. I stopped my cooking frenzy to see what was written.

I stopped cooking and looked. This is what was printed from the judge's ruling.

"Donna-Lane Nelson is another Swiss citizen who renounced her US citizenship, because a Swiss bank “offered investment opportunities not available to her as an American”.  She resents the questions she gets from banks about her status as an ex-American and payments to her daughter, who lives in the United States. That doesn’t get her standing.

The discretionary decisions or future discretionary decisions of a foreign bank do not create standing. Furthermore, as identified above, fear of a hypothetical harm that may or may not occur if she had not renounced her citizenship is not sufficient to constitute concrete harm."

Had the author checked the original document he would have noticed that the judge was wrong.

I did not renounce over investments. I renounced because I was in danger of losing my bank account because I was American. Only after I renounced was I offered investments, which I didn't take because I do not have enough money to do so.

But I do resent being threatened with loss of my bank account because I was sending my daughter in the US $300 monthly. 

I don't blame the bank as the judge does. Being bullied by the US to turn over the information of the US or face huge penalties and loss of access to the international banking system is too real for them to risk having a piddly little American or ex-American account which is all I have. 

I have posted the truth to the Forbes site

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