Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Voting in Switzerland

Yes the photo is out of focus.

What is it?

My voting package which I have spent several hours reading and studying. Either they are writing the contents more simply or my understanding of French is improving but it still took a good part of the afternoon.

This is NOT a complaint. I was given Swiss citizenship and I take the right to vote very seriously. That means studying up on the issues. And I was automatically registered as voter the day I took my citizenship oath. A ballot for the next votation was in with my other documentation.

Some of the things we are voting on this time are simplified and combined:
  • A minimum income for everyone
  • Looking at financing of public services
  • Examination of embryos for genetic defects under special circumstances. I need much more study on this to make sure I understand what I think I understood
  • Use of gas taxes
  • Renters rights after five years in case of the owner wanting to sell the flat
  • Changes in the asylum laws
Two booklets are provided one for the Federal and one for the Canton issues
  • A summary
  • The point of view of the group offering the law
  • The government's point of view
  • A list of the 23 parties point of view (there are only about five major ones)
  • What each of the parties wants (scary when the far right and far left agree)
  • What other interested groups want
The envelope please with:
  • The envelope that the material comes in can also be used to mail back my vote
  • There is an envelope for the ballot
  • There is an identification card.
I can either mail my ballot or vote in person on the morning of June 5. There is internet voting allowed in some places.

I have not finished studying the issues.

I still need to look at the different party posters placed all over the country. I will check them out tomorrow.

I need to read various points of view in the Tribune de Genève. Sometimes if I vote too early, I later read or hear additional information that would have changed my vote. There for it is a balancing act between making sure I vote by mail early enough but not too early.

When I vote I hope I will have my point of view in focus.

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Maria said...

You can tell Switzerland prides itself on having informed citizens. In Spain we have to hunt out just what each political party wants. Sometimes you can't find anything concrete on their official websites and have to hunt through different online newspapers to get a gleaming. You can tell Spain prides itself on keeping the masses uninformed and occupied with circuses.