Saturday, May 07, 2016


I am a saver by nature. Sometimes it was big amounts, but also little amounts. It all adds up so I can contend with emergencies or allow myself treats. I won't charge things that can't be paid off in a month.

I have always saved coins. I put myself thru grad school in Wales with Swiss five franc pieces.

Someone gave me a Coke bottle bank bigger than the one in the photo. When  moved to Europe I had about $250 saved and it wasn't as full as the one below.

Periodically I cash the coins in or put them in my savings accounts.

Rick put all my coins together and today we went thru them.

Granted there were still coins from places like the US, Canada, Iceland, Syria and Canada. Mostly there were Euros.

We found enough Swiss in among the French for three menus du jour at Marro, for Rick, J and me. It will seem like a free lunch. And he has enough English coins for a good meal when he is in London later this month.

The French went into the piggy bank, that we were able to buy because we promised the vendor not to smash it. There is an opening.

I wonder when it fills up, how much will be in there. Maybe enough for our flights to Abu Dhabi.

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