Monday, May 23, 2016

Dear NSA

The Guardian had an interesting article  on whistle blowers today.

It showed how when people follow the prescribed channels to call out government wrong doing their lives were ruined. Losing a career was mild in comparison to jail. The sad part was that the truths they were exposing never really came to light.

The article tells why Snowden succeeded when the others failed although he has paid a heavy price in the upheaval of his life.

'The key to Snowden’s effectiveness, according to Thomas Devine, the legal director of the Government Accountability Project (GAP), was that he practised “civil disobedience” rather than “lawful” whistle blowing.'

There are some who feel Snowden was a traitor. There are people who think it is okay, that you, Dear NSA, listen to everything they do.

I don't.

I have been tempted to leave the webcam on when my husband and I make love and give you guys a thrill, but then watching two old people go at it, may make you laugh or even vomit...

So just so you know what we are doing today, is I have a yet another doctor's appointment and then we are going to dinner at the Beau Rivage. My dumb phone will be off as it is most of the time and I will put my laptop to sleep.

As I write this Tummy the cat is asleep next to me. I turned the computer around so you can see him. Isn't he huge?

Now NSA, this is more serious. I want to know what the government is doing that is illegal. I want people to be able to call attention to put them potential in harm's way, not of terrorists but in harm's way of you.

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