Sunday, May 08, 2016

I had a dream

But nothing like MLK's.

And so did my husband.

We often stay in bed in the morning with tea and exchange details. Sometimes they are explainable.

Other times?

No Way.


I was talking to a woman at a street crossing and she was beginning a story. She had on a matching blouse and skirt with many swirling colors blue, red, greens almost hiding the white. There was a thin belt of the same fabric.

I started to cross the street but a bus blocked me and many people got off including a friend who will remain nameless. Unlike my friend, she had layers and layers and layers of make up.

I was never able to finish the story the woman started to tell me.

Then I was in my tiny, two-room, wooden tree house. I was sharing it with a man, who I knew in the dream but had no resemblance to anyone I can think of in real life.

At each of the two windows was a small oval table, exactly like the 300-year-old table from my childhood.

A friend, who will also remain nameless, came and asked for one of them back. I asked her what I should do with the air conditioner on the table. I woke before she answered.

Rick posted his on Facebook.

"Had a brief but vivid dream - perhaps Don's Jungian friend can interpret it. We came upon a sprawling, concave swath of open land among the mountains, where a small plane had taken off from a grass airstrip and as it banked near a high bluff it dropped something out the side - a tiny drone. Way below, among some badlands-type rock formations, cowboys on horseback were playing golf, swinging the club one-handed. D-L tried to throw a roll of toilet paper to some people on the bluff above us but she couldn't get it all the way there, so I was going to try. When I looked at the unraveling TP, printed on it were Facebook posts."

Any practicing psychiatrists please do not interpret.

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