Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I did it

Today was my first excursion on my own.

My helicopter husband is in the UK, however, I appreciate every whir of his blades as I was laid low with chemo which left me so weak, going up even three or four stairs or walking across a room required his assistance, never mind meals, laundry, shopping.

We fantasized when life would be normal again.

My first victory was walking to the bus, something that I didn't have the strength to do even a couple of months ago. I allowed 45 minutes BUT it only took 15. As I reached the bus stop, a bus pulled up meaning I needed to kill an hour until I met my family member of choice, someone I also call my French daughter and love dearly, for lunch at the UN where she has worked since the beginning of the year having transferred from New York..

I decided to take the Carouge Tram and snapped photos of grafetti and some art work.

Then it was time to meet with her. The guards checked me out and then we had a chance to chat in a way that we couldn't for a long time. It has been wonderful visiting with her, but this was the first time in years it has been one on one.

We took a walk thru gardens. Lovely sculptures, but I only snapped one.

Then it was time to walk to the bus. But now, I was really, really tired. I almost considered calling my former housemate to see if she could give me a ride from the bus stop, but it was downhill and I arrived feeling good.

For months I've been dreaming of normal.

Today was normal.

I did it.

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