Sunday, May 08, 2016

I wish

 Norma Boudreau

I wish...
  • I could pick up the telephone and call my beautiful stepmom.
  • We were sitting on her couch watching Rachel Ray. She didn't cook but loved to watch cooking shows.
  • We were watching Wheel of Fortune and when I guessed the answer she'd tell me how smart I was.
  • I could hear her tell my dad, that they didn't have his and her children, but "our "children."
  • We were at Olive Garden in Port Charlotte mumphing down salad.
  • We were in Camden, ME visiting places she and my dad once visited with their boat The Grand Slam.
  • When I talked to her at the end of her life she always remembered who I was.

I wish...
  • My mother had been the same kind of mother when I was an adult that she was when I was a child.
  • I had some of the cartoons she drew making me the heroine in a hard situation I was about to face. The gave me courage.
  • I thanked her for all the times she drove me by some boy I liked house.
  • She could buy my clothes. She always picked out something I would love.
  • We could play Scrabble and eat peaches and cream, or marinated mushrooms or crackers with cream and chives. I also wish I won more.
  • She hadn't been so manipulative and controlling when I was an adult.
  • She hadn't tried to annul my marriage.
  • She hadn't tried to get custody of my daughter and thank goodness she failed.
  • She hadn't thought my first novel filthy.

I wish
  • That I have taken the good things from both women.
  • I wish they were still alive and healthy.

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