Sunday, May 22, 2016

Café du Soleil

There are restaurants and restaurants, bistros and bistros

The Cafe du Soleil has its own category.

I came across it in 1993, although it is the oldest bistro in Geneva spanning a century. The Geneva Writers Group met there one Saturday a month and then ate, usually their famous fondue.

Because it wasn't far from my house, it became a regular stop. When my daughter or RB2 lived with me we might amble over for a cup of tea, a class of wine or a meal after work.

It was a must go to for honored house guests. I even took business people there, but only those I really liked, to show them a touch of Switzerland.

My dogs Albert, Amadeus and Mika were always welcomed.

I would take business clients that I really liked.

When Rick and I reconnected I took him for fondue. We have held a few celebrations there since then.

Each year they put out a special calendar. I always get one for my daughter. One year when I couldn't get there, they were kind enough to mail me one.

Besides their fondue I love their warm lentil salad, their pineapple and basil dessert. RB2 was a fan of their meringues and double cream. They even serve Malakoffs at night, fried cheese balls which were introduced to the canton by a Russian soldier. They are coated fried cheese balls and one is filling.

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