Saturday, May 14, 2016

Food shopping

"You need to learn," Rick said as we packed groceries into the bag.It took a moment. I've been bagging my own groceries for 26 years. I do have to admit his system of 
  • heavy on bottom
  • bottles laying down
  • lighter items on top
was better than my throw it all in as it comes down the conveyor. I realized he had arranged things in order as he removed them from the cart as well.

During the many months of chemo, my wonderful husband had taken over all the household chores including the shopping and cooking, something he became more and more accomplished with.

He refers to the Geneva kitchen as "his kitchen" with me barely being allowed in. Fortunately, the Argelès kitchen is still ours.

This was our first food shopping excursion together, having just arrived back in Geneva, when we will use supermarkets versus the individual green grocers, butchers, bakeries, etc. that we patronize instead of supermarkets in Argelès.

The three major Swiss chains, Migros, Coop and Manor are all within walking distance in Vesenaz, the closest village that has stores. He prefers Coop, which is the one I used mostly because another Coop used to be across the street from my office. 

Also in Switzerland grocery stores tended to only carry one brand. Migros was a Pepsi store, Coop a Coke, for example. I was a Coke person. They have since expanded their offerings.

I looked at our purchases. I think in terms of nutrition and my purchases were
  • Veggies (lots)
  • Fruits (lots)
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal
  • Bio meat balls
He thinks in terms of nibbling and his were
  • Coke
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Cookies
I will adopt his superior bagging system. I am thrilled he even has a system. I tend to be OCD on systems in placement of toilet paper, towels, certain dishes, order of clothes hangars on the drying rack by color, order by size of bottles on a shelf. He humors me.

Next week is our first official wedding anniversary although we had a commitment ceremony in 2013 that I will always consider the more important. I love that we are still learning and adapting to each other usually with humor. 

May our pleasure in simple things continue forever and ever and...

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Vallypee said...

A lovely post, Donalene! And happy Anniversary to you! It sounds as if you treat everything with great good humour, so I hope everything in both your culinary and caring life goes well. By the way, I would never argue about the kitchen… ;)