Friday, May 05, 2017


My husband and I are together 22/7. When we first got together, my friends, who decided he was a great guy, warned him. "Don't crowd her. She'll bolt or throw you out."

I'd been single for 41 years and loved. Yes, I had male friends including a Swiss businessman for 14 years, but we lived in separate cities and shared weekends and social events -- a perfect arrangement.

Even going on a date was more than I wanted unless it was Dutch. One man WI had Scrabble dates. He trounced me but that wasn't the reason I didn't want more.

Until Rick came into my life I had three people I could be alone with: Susie, Julia and my daughter. None of them infringed on me time as others did. They were all women.

Then I discovered a could be alone with my husband in the same room.


The independence went after my chemo treatments. I learned it was okay to need help, especially if I wouldn't make it across the room without someone holding me. I would not have eaten if he hadn't cooked.

We don't have to be together. He goes off on errands or plays golf. I go off on errands and visit with my girl friends, but mostly we are together.

If we are not in our own little writing worlds we may be eating (sit down lunchtimes are almost sacrosanct), playing games, watching TV or DVDs, on photo safari, or talking.

We walk a lot, sharing minutia.
  • I saw Jenny when I went for bread
  • The  beige cat is back on the Mamie's lap
  • There's a snail on the patio.

This week I am having a wonderful time at my daughter's near Boston. He is in Florida running a helicopter conference (not learning to be more of a helicopter husband). There are quick FB messages and an email report or two. Not the same thing.

My wonderful time with my daughter precludes that I miss him and will be glad when he are back to normal 22/7.

He's at the airport now. Almost in hugging range.

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