Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flash fiction

"And the cardboard toy theatre and the case of curiosities had been removed as had the ivory table.”  The Great complication  by Allen Kurkweil was the trigger for this piece of flash fiction done in a ten-minute free write along with another writer.

The cardboard toy theatre and the case of curiosities had been removed as has the ivory table.
Megan bombed thru the library to the kitchen.  It wasn’t until she dropped her car keys in the hold-all drawer that she realized something was different.

“Son of bitch!” Had Thomas still been living there he would have told her to lower her voice.
That he was the guilty party for the missing items was without doubt. He loved those items as she had when they first acquired them.
Funny how the same thing could trigger such diverse memories.

They’d bought the theatre at a flea market on a grey November day arguing the seller down to $5 from ten. When they came home they drank hot tea in bed before making love. The next Monday she'd learned he was sleeping with Clare.

The curiosity case had been put out on the sidewalk in front of a brownstone apartment building and was under a lilac tree in full bloom. It was down the street from her best frenemy Angela who was another in Thomas's string of lovers.

The ivory table was bought in New Delhi, a second honeymoon or a last attempt to save the marriage. They had held hands as they wandered the streets and never  tired of the curries. It might have worked had Thomas not kept going out to call Rene.

She should have changed the locks. 


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