Saturday, May 06, 2017

You look like

"It's him. You're Michael Moore."

We were on the Rose Kennedy walkway in Boston. The stranger lived in Boston and his sister had just arrived from Puerto Rico. Only, he was talking to my husband, who has newly curly hair. The real Michael Moore was no where around.

We tried to convince him Rick wasn't Michael. Rick is thinner and much cuter.

They wanted their picture taken with Michael.

Why not, if it made them happy.

Rick was unhappy.

"You should be complimented. Michael Moore is one of my heroes." Rick's old time conservative roots reared their clich├ęd ugly head. It didn't help I called him Mike a few times, mean of me.

I certainly wouldn't mind if Rick was as much of a crusader as Moore, although Rick does fight for important causes. And he definitely is cuter and thinner -- much thinner.

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