Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I can say God

It was a professional dinner in Geneva at a table with many different nationalities.

One of the attendees said, "For the first time in years, I'm proud to be American." It was because Trump was president.

I could not fathom this. Since he announced, no matter where we are when people pick up our American accent, we asked about Trump and not in a good way. Even when I was in a Geneva emergency room, one of the nurses asked for an explanation.

I asked the woman at the table why?

"I can say God again."

Why she could not say God during the Obama administration, I have no idea. There is the perceived war against Christianity that seems to exist in the minds of the non-persecuted. Persecution is when you are imprisoned. The US does have separation of church and state, instituted by our wise fore fathers who knew the recent history of religious wars.

I would have loved to talk about economics, US drones killing innocents, the cut back of freedom of speech such as in her home state where protestors can have their assets seized, banks run amuck, climate disasters, corruption, undrinkable Flint water, crumbling roads, women's rights being reduced, voters' rights being reduced and hundreds of other topics.

It was not the time or place. It probably would not have changed her opinion.

She can say God. She's happy as the US descends into a third world country.

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