Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Men and women are different.

I can't get out of bed until I know what I am going to wear including my underwear, the order I will shower, take my meds, eat breakfast, etc.

This morning it was the pretty black and red patterned top Rick had bought me and the black slacks that needed ironing, which meant, I should iron the blue t-shirt that goes with the patchwork skirt for tomorrow. There is other ironing to do, but I will wait until the laundry from today dries and do it, probably in front of a the Tony Bennett DVD I still have to listen to.

Rick has a different method of deciding what to wear. He writes about it at

Our differences were revealed as we sat at L'Hostalet, drinking strawberry juice from a local merchant, and chatting. We never run out of topics.

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