Sunday, May 28, 2017


For almost 30 years I've been doing the Swiss to Argelès-sur-mer trip or the reverse, always noticing the brown signs along the autoroute telling me what was nearby of interest.

The trip can take between six (quick pee stops) to eight (pee, meal, stretch stops or traffic delays) hours. We are usually in a rush to get to one of the other places.

For almost 30 years, I've said, "someday we should take our time, stop and explore."

This trip, we said. "Not sometime. Next time or the trip after."

I took down the different places that interested us. There are abbeys, châteaux, museums, nature parks.

We have narrowed the list and are looking for good restaurants in our guide books and places to stay. It will take probably three days, or more depending on what we stumble across.

Now the only decision is which direction.

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Tanya Mawer said...

I look forward to reading of your trip and the places you visit. Sounds like fun too in the planning of the adventure xx