Sunday, May 07, 2017

First manicure

It may be hard to believe that I never had a manicure in my almost 75 years. I never saw the need, nor did I want to spend the time or money.
Also I never liked nail polish colors.

My bank clerk has flowers, puppy dogs, fireworks and all kinds of designs on her nails that I adore. Makes going to the bank fun. Certainly not the boring normal colors that most people have.

Visiting my daughter in Malden, MA, I walked around her neighborhood and found a nail salon run by four members of a Vietnamese family.

There was my chance. I made an appointment.

The woman who did my nails, was my daughter's age. She used the finest brush I've ever seen, dipping it in to black, white, pink and silver bottles to paint each stroke.

I am thrilled. And it isn't boring.

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