Thursday, May 11, 2017


I am being punished by the universe for being smug about jet lag.

Two weeks ago we flew from Toulouse to Washington D.C. I hit the ground running without feeling jet lag including:
  • Having dinner with the Anti-FATCA team.
  • Visiting with six congressmen to convince them they should repeal FATCA
  • A congressional hearing on unintended consequences of FATCA
  • A press conference
  • A date with my husband at a German restaurant where the accordionist played Morgan for me
  • Amtrak to Boston
  • An afternoon wandering around Boston with a good friend I see too little of
  • Getting a new cat with my daughter (for her not me)
  • A week of solid work on a new book
  • Getting my nails done
  • Quality time with my beloved daughter
  • Watching Handmaid's Tale 
  • Eating a huge lobster at Legal Seafood
  • Taking an emotional tour of a city that I love but will probably never see again
I had conquered jet lag.

I was all powerful.

I was Wonder Woman.

On Sunday we flew home making our connector flight from Paris with seconds to spare and a two hour+ drive to Argel├Ęs where I slept part of the way. Good thing Rick was driving.

Jet lag then hit big time.

Trying to do simple tasks like walk and talk, order from a menu has become a major chore never mind I sleep when I should and stay awake when I should sleep.

I did have a moment of respite when I had a cup of espresso at l'Hostalet. However, I still feel like I'm walking thru the bottom of an aquarium.

And I can't swim.


Karrie barron said...

donnalane do you not use the near - magical MELATONIN ? It regulates sleep/awakepatterns

Ellen said...

I find the west to east jetlag is worse than east to west. When I returned from the US in March, I had one day at home and then we left for Valencia for for days. The third day I caved in and took a nap. Jetlag was horrible.