Thursday, September 25, 2014


If I had closed my eyes, I could imagine the man answering a question in history class or the woman talking us thru an exam on the Norton Anthology book II for a final.  For three years, six semesters we'd shared at least three required courses.

After graduation we lost track. As so often happens, couples don't mesh as individual friends do.

Rick and I were sitting on their patio, surrounded by their garden and a bunny or two which were totally ignored by their lab and Yorkie.

We ate baked stuffed lobster, as we kinda caught up on the past 44 years. More of the conversation was about today and the future, our mutual interests which are as many as there were in the distant past.

The visit ended much too soon. The only downside of this trip is time constraints. I'd love to spend days and days with those many people who have so enriched my life.

As we were leaving, the man made a confession. He said he never really liked my ex, Rick I. Rick II was much, much better. I agreed.

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