Saturday, July 11, 2015

49T again

I've blogged before about the family tradition of the 49T license plate.

My father had the original given to him by a governor of Massachusetts in the 1950s. When he moved to Florida, I inherited the plate.

He applied for 49T in Florida: he was given it.  He owned a big maroon Caddy. I had a little maroon Spitfire. Parked side by side with the same number plate it looked like a ship with its life boat.

When my daughter moved to Virginia, she applied for the same number, making it three members of the family who had driven cars with the same plate. (By that point I was in Europe and deliberately carless.)

Llara is back in Massachusetts and when she applied for 49T she found it was taken. She's trying for 49T CH. CH is the country code for Switzerland.

My wonderful nephew, who helped me so much during my equally wonderful stepmom's final illness, cleaned out her house. He asked me if I wanted my parents' license plate.

It may not be an ordinary family heirloom but it holds so many memories, that I treasure it.

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