Friday, July 17, 2015

My kingdom for a grape Popsickle

"Grape Popsicle," I said. I hadn't had one for years. It was hot. I was in the hospital waiting surgery.

Rick was keeping me company. I still had on my street clothes.

"Don't they have them here?" he asked.

I honestly didn't know because it was the first time I'd had a grape Popsicle urge since I moved to Switzerland in 1990 (and probably long before) so I hadn't looked.

We talked about the ice cream man who came around the neighborhood, ringing his bell. My brother and I would stop what ever we were playing and con my mother or grandmother for whatever a Popsicle, ice cream sandwich or cone would cost. It worked more than it didn't.

Rick went on a Popsicle safari and found a whole bunch of types at Migros. He brought me a strawberry juice Popsicle.

Boy was it good.

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