Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Not a blog I wanted to write

I am facing a second bout of breast cancer. Like the first time I intend to blog my way thru it. As a writer putting scarey things into words helps.

It could be a lot worse.

I just posted several blogs that I wrote on what was happening over the last couple of weeks, but wasn't going to tell people until I knew for sure. I also wanted to make sure certain people learned about it from me directly.

Last time I produced a book. Having cancer in a language not your own is harder. This book was intended for anglophones in a francophone environment. Any money earned will go to cancer funds.

I also want to blog it to convince women to get those mammograms.

I will do what I have to do and make the experience as meaningful as it was the first time.

I would rather eat chocolate.

Read the blog here.


Merc said...

Thanks for blogging about this, my brave and generous friend. Let me hug you. I'm saving chocolate for you. Even have some with vegemite that just arrived by Possum mail.

Maria said...

I'm sorry about the diagnosis. But you'll pull through again. You have many years yet to enjoy and write.