Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lake walk

My housemate and I took an early morning lake walk before the heat of the day arrived. 

Ducks were swimming in pairs. One lady duck was giving her partner an ear full of something that must have displeased her. Her quacks echoed across the water.

The mother of another pair gave one of her teenage children a fish she'd caught.

We watched a school of fish swim by in the clear, clear water. Fortunately for them, they were no where near where they would have been considered breakfast by the birds.

A man was way out in the lake paddling. 

At the end of the dock one man was fishing, and kid was diving into the water next to the sign that said no diving off the dock.

Not many boats were out that early.

A gull perched on a post and seemed in not hurry to go anywhere at all.

The dock was in full flower. 

And as if the scene was the opening of a movie, we had the background music as a man played on his homemade flute.

I am blessed to live within a few minutes walk. Each time I do I feel as if I've had a holiday.

My housemate did a dueling blog

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