Friday, July 03, 2015

Canicule lessons

Canicule is French for heat wave.

Yesterday, it was 42° on our balcony which was shaded. That's 108°F. The official posted temps are lower, but not by much.

In 2003 when when 35,000 people died from the heat according to New Scientist 14,000+ of them were in France alone. So far no death toll has been published for any country.

Many were old.  Now some Swiss cities are checking on old people. If they don't respond to a phone call, they send someone to their house.

I remember that in 2003 in my office we were told to keep shades down (no air conditioning) lights were off, and bottles of water were brought around to each person. Work was closed at 15:00. 

There is no end projected on the weather channel for this canicule. I want to break any car that isn't fuel efficient and if I wrote my thoughts on what I would like to do to climate deniers, I would be picked up by the police.

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