Sunday, July 05, 2015

The more things change...

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Man seems to fight about stupid things. Probably going back to the caveman who may have argued that some gods said skin the mammoth from the top down and others thought that the mammoth should be skinned from the back end to the head.

Take this paragraph from  talking about a deep theological dispute throughout the Middle Ages, which occasionally lead to violence and condemnations of heresy. 

"In the year 1053, Roman Catholic churches were closed in the Byzantine capital of Constantinople and their unleavened consecrated bread was trampled upon in the streets. One Byzantine church leader denounced the used of unleavened bread, writing “'you call bread panis; we call it artos. This is from airoel, to raise, signifies a something elevated, lifted up, being raised and warmed by the ferment and salt; the azym, on the other hand, is lifeless as a stone or baked clay, fit only to symbolize affliction and suffering.'”

Religious intolerance has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths over the centuries and not just Muslims against Christians, but Christians against Christians.

And think all the arguments about what is modest or not.

At the beach the other day with half-clad people, I wished I could plunk Jean Calvin down in the middle. If he weren't already dead, he'd have had a heart attack at the lack of modesty. His narrow mindedness made dancing, music and almost anything beautiful a sin. Yet he would probably love the modesty of the Burka.

Today, especially in America people fight about Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas and other nonsense. They fight about the treatment of a piece of cloth not knowing everything behind it. There is still a lot of my god is better than your god so do as my god says or else.

Man seems to get his knickers in a twist, as the Brits say, about things that a few years later have no meaning.

Something to think about when one gets up a soap box.

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