Friday, July 17, 2015

When a friend is more than a friend

J and I have been thru a lot in the 11 odd years I've shared her home.

There were the bad times:
  • The death of her mom and my beloved stepmom
  • The death of her sister 
  • The death of my best friend of 53 years
  • The death of Munchkin, the cat
  • Three breast cancers
  • Misc. eye surgeries, broken bones and sprained ankles
  • Emergency trips to the hospital
We've also been thru wonderful times
  • Celebrations for little things
  • Celebrations for middle things
  • Celebrations for big things
  • Our adventures to places like Insel Poel and Malta and many more places
  • Staying in everything from a no-star hotel to a ch√Ęteau
  • The mountains
  • Hen night
  • DVDs
  • Movies
  • Concerts for all types of music
  • Holidays
  • Proving two women could share a kitchen
  • Discovering buying a cooked Thanksgiving turkey was easier than doing your own and going to Marro for the meal was the best of all
  • Early morning conversations
  • Mid day conversations
  • Late night conversations
  • Food
  • Sinning at McDos
  • Running to France for Chinese food as a last minute decision
  • Jumping on a train for an adventure with no thought of a destination
  • Photos of electric boxes (with more planned)
  • The good memories list is endless
She never wanted daughters, I never wanted sons, but we ended up with what we each wanted yet we forged a relationship with the other's offsprings.

Sharing friends. Can you have too many wonderful people in your life? I don't think so.

There is a problem with terminology. Eskimos have many words for snow. English only one. English only has one word for friend that fails to define depth. I could list a lot for J...including fellow survivor, family of choice, sister of choice, partner in silliness-laughter-sadness... just keep adding words.

So this is for you J. Thank you for being who you are and walking thru life.

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