Thursday, August 18, 2016


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The Burkini being forbidden on some French beaches is the latest stupid religious brouhaha.

Women's clothing has been and can be used as a wedge issue. It wasn't that long ago in human history that this was the only acceptable woman's swimming costume on a beach.

And although I don't like the dress limitations for women in public, it is not my religion.

If men can't control themselves if a bit of a woman shows, than it is the man's problem, but that is a western feminist point of view. I have no right to dictate what my sisters believe. Although it is many years since I've received unwanted wolf whistles or sexual comments while walking down the street, the protection of being hidden does have an advantage.

And except for full face covering for security issues it seems to be the Muslim coverings aren't that different from Catholic nuns a few years back.

I am much concerned about the refugees made homeless by the manipulation of the western world against the Middle East. I care more about those who tomorrow, next week, or next month will be killed by a western drone.


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