Wednesday, August 03, 2016

TCK doctor

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The hospital that saved my life, not once but twice.

The ectograph should have only taken a few minutes as the young doctor scanned my breasts and lymph nodes, but I was there well over a half hour, not because there was a problem but we connected. It was one of those rare encounters where people who meet once yet touch deeper places within themselves and each other.

I was her last patient of the morning. It was her first day back after a week's holiday and long weekend for the Swiss National Day.

She had not gone anyplace but her flat to study for her upcoming exams at the end of August.

As a naturalized Swiss, born here and with a Portuguese father and Japanese mother, she was truly a Third Culture Kid. Because my novels center around a TCK and because I'm a Third Culture Adult, This led into a discussion of  a feeling of not belonging 100 percent anywhere.

We agreed it wasn't a negative, but a positive because it adds a richness and a wider perspective.

The conversation weaved into her hopes, fears, managements good and bad, life balance.

She was beautiful not just in face but in personality.

We completed the scan. I'm clean.

I will touch wood for her on the days of her exam although I will never know the results. She will be on another step of her career for my exam next year.

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