Friday, August 12, 2016

Shopping basket

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"Your skirt matches your shopping basket," my favorite Mamie* said as I was talking to another friend.

She is never without her apron and fashion is no where in her vocabulary. At the same time she has the soul of an artist as a knitter, writer and singer.

I hadn't thought about the match when I'd dressed that morning. I was more interested on what the green grocer had to offer.

Just a few minutes before Elisabeth told me I needed a new basket as she put the tomatoes, melon and onions I'd bought into the basket.

The handle is unraveling, on that she is right. But it is still strong enough to hold the fresh veggies and fruit that I put in daily.

The basket must be at least ten years old and has held uncountable number of meals. With all those memories, and this new one of color co-ordination, I will keep it until it is no longer usable but I won't necessarily match my clothing to it.

* of the old women of the village, most who have a wisdom and spirit that is inspiring.

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