Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I survived summer

Even if it is still hot, there is a smell of autumn in the morning air.

Here in Argelès-sur-mer we will never see the red and yellow colored leaves of New England or the yellow leaves of the Alps here but there are other symbols of the changing of the seasons.
Family by family, people are heading home to the UK, Ireland, Northern France, Germany, Holland, Denmark. 

Children are wearing backpacks as they start school. 

The streets of the marché are no longer back-to-back people.

The tourists who are arriving are older or have non-school age children.

Tuesday was the last street dance of the season.

We too will head out for some of the autumn--home to Geneva, but we also have trips planned for Boston, Montreal, Up State NY, Long Island, Paris, Strasbourg, Berlin, Prague and maybe Vienna.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love that I may need to grab a light sweater when I go out in the evening. I'm dreaming of heavier clothes, hot chocolate, Geneva Writer Group workshops,
seeing my Swiss friends.

I survived summer.

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