Thursday, August 04, 2016

Junk food

My husband had a twinkle in his eye. "One good thing about junk food..." he started.

I had just told him I had figured out the difference in OUR food bill and MY food bill.

I always had a set amount I would spend making sure what meals I would be eating at home. I would buy maybe one box or cookies or one of some treat. Part of the reason was budget and part was if it were in the house it would end up first in my mouth and then on my waist. Each day I could look forward to bit of a treat.

Also I wanted to make sure that everything I bought had a good vitamin and mineral balance.

He, and we when I am with him, wanders up and down the aisles throwing stuff in that hits his fancy. even today if I go in with a list of three things I come out with three. With the same list it could be ten, twenty or more if he is in charge of the cart.

I do enjoy the ice cream, chips etc. As for chocolate, that is salad because it comes from a plant. The magnesium in chocolate is good for you.

We'd also been talking about waste and using up what we bought. In ASM we shop almost daily because the best fruits and veggies are within a few seconds walk. I also like the idea of preparing two meals. It worked well when I was single.
  • Monday Meal A
  • Tuesday Meal B
  • Wednesday Meal A leftovers
  • Thursday Meal B leftovers
Since Rick and I alternate on the days we cook and since we often end up being invited out or making a last minute decision to eat out, it doesn't work as well as a couple.

I will say that this summer I've been better about finding uses for leftovers.As I was saying I wanted to be more careful on what we spent financially and health wise and what we used, his eyes continued to twinkle.

"One good thing about junk food..." he continued, "It doesn't spoil."

I love that man. As the Irish say, he can take the mickey out of me and it leaves me laughing.

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