Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keeping it

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"You need a new basket," Daniel told me. I was at the green grocers. His mother Elisabeth said the same thing a couple of days before. Alain, our neighbor, pointed at the same frayed handle when I had my basket full of carrots, salad, asparagus, cheeses, etc.

Yes the handle is frayed but it is still strong enough to hold all my shopping, the laundry, books, or whatever needs to be carried.

I can't remember when I bought it -- maybe eight to ten years at a marchè for 10 euros. Since then it has been with me on all my errands. 

It has memories.

I love its color. 

It makes me happy to carry it.

I wouldn't turn in an old dog that still had life in it for a new puppy. And I don't give up my basket until it is no longer usable.

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Anonymous said...

I have a basket I bought in Casablanca, maybe 23 years ago. It now wears leather pampers and the handles are laced with white rope to keep them intact. I would never give that basket up for anything. I use it at the marché and when I go grocery shopping. It's not as colorful as yours, but I still relish it, and I'm glad your basket is still going to the marché with you.