Wednesday, August 24, 2016


A typical market day meeting with friends at Coté Place for coffee, tea, juice or whatever and much conversation as the marché buzzed around us.

One of the regular group had just come back from the UK where she had stayed with others whom she knows because they have second homes here. It was much like Rick and I did recently with a couple we adore and they are now ensconced in our nest, there own home having an overflow of people.

We talked about how Argelès was different in the summer with the tourists than in the winter but it had its own magic all year round.

Magic is the right word. People arrive tired and spent and the quick turn around time to relaxation is seen on their faces. 

We are from several countries.

Friends gather and share with those that live here all year round. There is an undertone of caring and support for the bad times and a joyful acceptance of the good.

We know each other's children and cares. We try and help one another if not in person at least in moral support. 

My personal experience thru my recent cancer challenges (over hopefully) was I had a cheering team from this group.

In a way the relationships are like the spider web on the wall behind the table where we were sitting. Unlike the spider web, the network keeps growing.

They are delicate and beautiful friendships, but more lasting than the spider spins because we build them that way.

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