Monday, August 08, 2016

I'm tired

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My friends say I'm the most optimistic, happy person they know. In many ways, they're right. I can find joy in the simplest things.

But I'm tired. I'm of the world. I'm tired of:
  • The election with candidates I describe as Mr. Arsenic (crazy) and Ms Cyanide (corrupt)
  • The pundits talking opposite "facts"
  • The media slanting news (also in UK, France, etc.)
  • Fracking where new fields are being proposed although it is impossible for them to be profitable at current prices
  • People pushing growth which in the long term is unsustainable
  • Religion used as an excuse to hate and destroy
  • Ignorance
  • FATCA and the persecution of American expats directly and indirectly by the US
  • US drones killing people in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Africa
  • Saudi killing people in Yemen with US drones
  • Bad cops getting away with murder
  • Good cops being maligned
  • Soldiers being lied to on how they are saving their country
  • Veterans who served their country in good faith being mistreated
  • GMOs
  • Poisons in the food and environment
  • Too expensive education making it impossible for kids to either go to university or saddling with debt that reduces teir future
  • Big gas guzzling cars
  • Phony issues such as the color of a Starbucks cup
  • Palestine's occupation
  • All wars
  • Money for death and destruction but not for people 
And the list goes on and on and on...

When I look at it, all the things I am tired of, all are thrust on me by the societies (yes it is plural) I live in. Macro things

On FB I list the things that make me happy and I realize that the things that make me happy are personal generated from friends and people who do sweet, funny, good things. I am made happy by creativity and generosity. Good food, Micro things.

I will continue to concentrate on the micro. I can do little about the macro. I don't want to be tired.

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