Monday, August 22, 2016


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Dum, da, di, dum, da, di, dum, di, dum, di dum. 

I'm humming the proper funeral dirge as I carry my loyal food processor which helped me for over 13 years, chop, mix, slice food. Mashed potatoes, soups, meatloaves, puddings, meals too numerous to list passed under its blades in part or in whole. It was always my most valuable kitchen tool.

Today I killed it.

I was making a vegetable curry and I swear I don't know how a small spoon slipped in with the yogurt, mint and cucumber chunks that would accompany the main dish.

The death knell was loud and heart breaking.

I'm carrying it in full pomp and circumstance to its next to final resting place. It will wait there until our next trip to the decheterie where it will join other appliances for whatever eternity and rebirth awaits.

I am sure the authorities will consider it involuntary appliance slaughter.

Dum, da, di, dum, da, di, dum, di, dum, di dum.

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