Friday, April 24, 2015

Another library book sale

The American Church hosts the Geneva American Library year round and twice a year they take all the donated books and hold a three day sale. Because books can be so expensive getting used books at prices from $3-$10 dollars is wonderful.

In  past years I've helped set up, taken down the sale. I've put out a newsletter for the library, which is a valuable resource for the anglophone community. Like all small libraries they need support.

But it is the atmosphere which I love which reminds me a bit of the Church of the Good Shepherd's Christmas Fair in Reading, MA especially the egg salad sandwiches. My taster starts getting ready for them about three days before. Some homemade chocolate goody for dessert is always added. I'm doing it, of course, to help the library fund....

But the best part are the tables and tables of books of all genres. I found at least ten within about as many minutes keeping me in reading at least until I get back to Argelès next week

For readers who live in the country of their mother tongue, even if they read in another country's language, being surrounded by so many books in one's own language at prices where your first born child might have to be put for sale to buy, this is truly a luxury.

Of course, there is one more pleasure. Finding friends there to sip tea or coffee as we discuss our treasures is just that extra bit of pleasure.

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Maria said...

Try ordering books from They have reasonably priced books and don't charge shipping. That's where I found YOUR books!