Saturday, April 11, 2015

Michel and Matthieu

Matthieu and Michel...(too bad Matthieu's head was cut off).

The Marché de Fleurs in Nice is wonderful. Restaurants flank both sides with people outside enticing customers in.

I passed up lobster, my absolute favorite food. I'm so glad I did because just a few restaurants later Michel with his pestle which he used as a faux micro invited us in.

It turned out not just a delicious meal, but one of the most fun ones I've had in a long, long time.

My rabbit and Rick's pork jowls cooked in red wine was lick-the-plate good.

Michel had two customers from America yesterday. As they walked by he grabbed them and introduced us. They were from Woburn. I grew up in the next town, Reading.

Matthieu, the water made a game of placing the glasses just so. And when I took a photo, he took the camera and is the only waiter in history that took not just the polite one shot, but several from different angles.

Michel and I became involved in a deep conversation about the state of the world ending, with the three of us singing "We will Overcome" right before we left.

Their address if you're in Nice...
12-14 Cours Saleya 06300 Nice
Tel: 04 93 85 77

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