Thursday, April 02, 2015

Week 3 52 Budget challenges

In week 3 of the 52-week Budget Challenge, they recommend a no-buy month. I once has a no-buy year. For 12 months I only gave in to three things.

I needed a mop.

Sandwich boards, which I've only been able to find in Germany. When I was in Stuttgart, I picked them up. We were almost at the end of the no-buy year.

A poster of an Underwood Typewriter. My dad had an Underwood typewriter franchise in West Virginia when I was little. I used an Underwood when I worked for a newspaper. It met my three criteria before I buy anything.

1. It be useful
2. It be beautiful
3. It carries a memory.

These purchases met numbers one and two.

Thus, I don't see how a no-buy month will help since I always think and rethink most purchases. Most of the time I don't need what I looked at.

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